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Ideemaxe, a professional company in designing and producing gold and silver electroforming crafts, was established since 1992. With its own plant located in China and over hundred skillful workers as well as many creative designers, Ideemaxe can produce high quality electroforming products and offer competitive prices and punctual delivery to customers.

Traditionally, the "electroforming" market is mainly focused on precious metals decorative products. However, due to the prices of these products are quite expensive, its application is limited. In order to make these gold and silver electroforming products more economical and widely be used, Ideemaxe has set up a creative team to develop a new technique for producing 24kt gold or silver plated on alloy electroforming crafts which can be applied in gift items for promoting purpose, with same effect and appearance as traditional pure gold and silver electroforming products. Ideemaxe can provide "tailor-made" service to customers for helping them to promote their company s image and products.